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About Private Security Conversations

Launched in September 2023, this blog gathers industry professionals, academics, and private security experts to discuss the latest developments, future trends, and their opinions in and around the world of private security.
In addition to facilitating discourse, our blog serves as a research venue where experts can showcase their publications, promote their research and share their experience working in the private security sector.
The blog will cover key topics spanning multiple fields, including PMCs, the influence of international law, the convergence of new technologies, issues related to migration and detention, working conditions of security guards, maritime security, the intersection of business and human rights, gender perspectives, the role of PSCs on humanitarian action, and more.

Opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of the International Code of Conduct Association.

Submission guidelines

  • Audience: as you write, kindly consider that we have a wide audience spanning from security practitioners to academics, from students to policy-makers, but also to think tanks, NGOs and IGOs. Hence, clarity is essential for submitting articles.
  • Length: The article should not exceed 2000 words, ideally falling between 1400 and 1800 words.
  • Title: Try to develop a title that grabs the attention of readers by being clear, concise and communicative of the article’s main topic.
  • Abstract: Begin the article with a concise abstract, written in italics. The abstract typically comprises two paragraphs. The first paragraph sets the context and provides background information for your argument, while the second paragraph includes your name, affiliation, and main takeaway.
  • Introduction: Include an introduction that captivates readers and highlights the significance of the article. Offer a glimpse into the conclusion and findings to pique the reader’s interest.
  • Structure: Use short paragraphs and employ sub-headings when necessary to enhance readability and organization of the article.
  • Referencing: When citing the work of others or specific sources, utilize hyperlinks whenever possible. Reserve footnotes for essential information only.
  • Author Information: If comfortable, we kindly request authors to provide a headshot/portrait and a brief bio for their author page.

If you want to submit your article to the blog please send it to

Submit your article

ICoCA’s Private Security Conversations blog is open to receive submissions from experts and researchers eager to contribute to research on the Private Security Sector and beyond. We encourage the submission of original blog posts covering a wide range of topics, even beyond PSCs. To receive further guidelines and information, please firstly contact the email address here advertised.

The Team

Vincent Bernard is Senior Policy Advisor at ICoCA and serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Private Security Conversations. In this capacity, Vincent is responsible for shaping the editorial direction and overseeing all content published on the blog.

Chris Galvin

Chris Galvin is Head of Communications & Outreach at ICoCA. For Private Security Conversations he oversees both the promotion of the blog and the production of podcasts.

Jonathan Douw is currently working as Outreach & Policy Intern at ICoCA and as Managing Editor of Private Security Conversations. Jonathan is pursuing a master’s degree in International and Development Studies at the Geneva Graduate Institute specialising in peace, conflict, and security.