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Anna Leander

Anna Leander is Professor of International Relations at the Geneva Graduate Institute. She previously held positions in Brazil, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the US. Her current research revolves around four connected political themes: (i) the politics of commercial security; (ii) the politics of commercial aesthetics; (iii) the politics of regulation; and (iv) the politics of expertise and scientific research. She is currently principal investigator on the Sinergia project The Future of Humanitarian Design. Throughout her career, Anna has taken on a range of institutional responsibilities. She has been developing and directing teaching programs, mentoring processes and research networks. She has edited books series/journals, held positions on the boards of research institutions/councils and other professional associations. Anna is currently the chair of her department, member of the board of the Swiss Political Science Association as well as of five advisory boards of peer reviewed journals. She co-edits Voices in International Relations (Oxford University Press).

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